Akong Rinpoche nimitti uuden laman Samye Lingiin


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Ranskalaissyntyinen Chökyi, joka viime aikoina on tunnettu nimellä Ani Rinchen Palmo, nimitettiin lamaksi Karmapan syntymäpäivänä 26.6.2010 Brysselissä. Lama Rinchen on ollut retriitillä yli 20 vuotta.  Hänen päätehtävänään on edelleen ohjata nunnien retriittejä Holy Islandilla, mutta sen lisäksi hänen odotetaan vierailevan Brysselin Kagyu Samye Dzong -keskuksessa puolen vuoden välein. Alla yksityiskohtainen kuvaus nimitysseremoniasta englanniksi.


Muut Akong Rinpochen nimittämät länsimaalaiset lamat:


Lama Zangmo, tanskalainen, johtaa Lontoon Kagyu Samye Dzongia.

Lama Jinpa Gyamtso ja Lama Tsondru, espanjalaisia, johtavat Espanjan toimintaa.





It is a great joy to report to all that yesterday, Saturday the 26th of June 2010, on the most auspicious day of the 17th Karmapa's birthday and a full moon, Akong Rinpoché officially appointed a new Samye Ling lama : Lama Rinchen Palmo, whom most of us have known under the name of Chökyi and, more recently, of Ani Rinchen Palmo, in charge of retreats at Holy Isle.


It happened in the Brussels Samye Dzong centre where everyone had gathered for the birthday celebrations and a two-day Guru Rinpoche tsok. After we had watched Karmapa's webcast from India, a joyful mood prevailed while Rinpoche cut some beautiful birthday cakes with candles burning bright, explaining that these would be shared at the end of the day, as part of the tsok. He then gave a brilliant summary of HHK's talk on gratitude to parents, to teachers and to the universe, and went on stressing the importance of good teachers, people with all the right training and experience, capable of transmitting the teaching properly, but above all able to help others without any concern for their own benefit or personal glory. 


When he had thus painted the portrait of a good teacher, Rinpoche said that Gelong Thubten had a piece of paper he wanted to read out, which would be followed by a French translation. The paper, as you may have guessed by now was a summary of Lama Rinchen's biographical details, highlighting the fact that she now has behind her over twenty years of meditation retreat and thirteen years of dedicated guidance to retreaters which have shown her to be "a kind, patient and good teacher and helper to meditators".


A thrill of amazement, delight and happiness was felt by all as the new Lama Rinchen, small in size but great in deeds, was invited to rise from her seat and go and sit on a little throne that had been prepared the day before near the huge throne waiting for Karmapa (but for what purpose, no one knew: could it be that Lama Yeshe Rinpoche was coming unexpectedly?)  It was a complete surprise for all, not least for Lama Rinchen herself who looked astounded when Thubten read her life details.


There was a most moving moment when Akong Rinpoche proceeded to dress Lama Rinchen in the yellow, patched robes known as chos gös  (photo attached), then the new, diminutive yellow-clad form climbed on the throne and carefully sat down on this unusual seat. You could feel, beyond the surprise and emotion, her humble and joyful acceptance of the honour and task that was given her, while she remained peacefully composed inside. Rinpoche then presented her with a kata and a meditation belt and gave her the Hundred Thousand Songs of Milarepa in two hard-bound volumes of a new edition sponsored by Rokpa and a beautiful certificate attesting of her new quality of Kagyu Lama.


Rinpoche then announced to all present that, before the long-awaited resident lamas come to stay at the Centre, which may take some more years, Lama Rinchen would be the "temporary lama" of Brussels Samye Dzong,  This was actually answering the many repeated wishes of the Centre to have a lama and soon afterwards  Rinpoche declared : "This is your Lama !", which brought a great outburst of delight and a thunder of applause.  He added that this new responsibility was also the reason why he had chosen Brussels as the place to give Lama Rinchen her new title.


Rinpoche then invited all present to come and offer a kata to Lama Rinchen who exchanged big smiles with everyone filing past her.


Later on in the day,  at one point in the Köncho Chidü tsok practice Rinpoche gave the Guru Rinpoche Long Life empowerment and it was lovely to see Lama Rinchen seating next to him and receiving the blessing of the various objects (bumpa, torma, long life arrow) in the course of the initiation. I noticed Rinpoche was leaving the objects on her for what seemed a meaningful length of time. Thereafter, Rinpoche invited the rest of the sangha and the ex-retreaters to come up first for blessing, and to take charge of the objects. Lama Rinchen was entrusted with the bumpa and officiated as though she had done it all her life.


At the end, Rinpoche said Lama Rinchen's main task will still be helping the Ladies’ retreats on the island but she will come to Brussels regularly, possibly for two or three weeks every six months, provided the conditions of the retreat allow it.


Saturday 26th of June certainly did feel like a very happy day in Brussels, full of many blessings, and everyone finished the day with a joyful heart.


This morning (Sunday 27 June), Rinpoche left us for Beijing and the tsok is carrying on. Taking advantage of an in-between moment, I asked Lama Rinchen how she had felt when it had happened. "Overwhelmed… physically, mentally, emotionally." All of this bringing a strong feeling of the voidness of all things.


'Long life and success in dharma for the new Lama" was Rinpoche's wish shared by all here. As it will be by everyone elsewhere, I have no doubt.



Brussels, 26th June 2010, from one of the eye-witnesses, Katia Holmes.


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